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Privacy Notice Privacy Notice

How we handle the sensitive data provided to us by you?

In order to shop with us, you must register an account and log in to our service. When registering an account you will have to provide the following information: full name, address, postcode, city of residence, country, email address and phone number. Persons under 18 will also need to provide contact information of their legal guardian in the "comments" field when checking out.

Suomi Sports will not give or sell any information that the customer has provided to third parties. Customers information are highly confidential and only available to selected Suomi Sports employees.

Suomi Sports will use the customers provided email address for email marketing only when the customer has selected to join the mailing list from which the customer can remove him/her self at any time. By creating an account, the customer gives Suomi Sports the right to send him/her direct marketing information by non-electronic means like via normal mail.

Suomi Sports is not responsible if any of the customers privat data has been leaked to third parties by a security breach outside of Suomi Sports influence. For example if the hosting companys server has been breached. The customer is resposible for the safe handling of his/hers login details and is obligated to change the password of his/hers account if he/she has reason to believe the password has been compromised.

Customers bank and creditcard details are never visible to Suomi Sports. All money transactions are always made through official bank gateways using SSL encrypted protocols.

Suomi Sports reserves the right to change this document and will inform the customer if it does so.

Register details (HetiL 523/99, 10 §)

Registers maintainer
Suomi Sports KY
Niskalenkki 10
FIN-90650 Oulu
Tel. +358407624283
VAT Number: 1951253-2

The person maintaining the register
Mark Middleton

Rekisters name
Suomi Sports KY

Purpose of register
The register is intended for the upkeep of customer relations between the user and Suomi Sports. The register will not be used for electronic advertising without permission from the customer.

Data in the register
  • Customers personal details (names)
  • Customers contact details (address, phonenumber, email address)
  • Newsletter approval status (email advertising)
  • General order information
  • Ordered products
  • All emails sent by the customer from the service (content and header information)
  • Web servers technical log files (including IP address and information about the customers web browser)

Handling of the sensitive information

Any information that the customer has provided thorugh the service will not be given or sold to third parties. All information is stored in a third partys database server which can be accessed by selected Suomi Sports staff and the server providers staff for maintainance purposes.

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