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IK 002 - Ice King Ultra Scraper Blades


Ice King Blades are Premium Inlayed High Speed Steel. Mounted before sharpening on a steel beam, they are mated for perfect attachment to your Ice King Scraper. Once united, we grind and hone the blade to perfection.


Each Shipped Package Includes:

Premium Bi-Metal High Speed Steel Inlayed Blade
High Wearability - Twice the life of case-hardened carbon blades
Ice King's unique hole drilling system (on Support Beam)

  • Allows ice makers to expertly guide their machines through any scraping pattern

  • Refer to John Minnaar's "Cutting Technique" article, below

  • Serial numbering - traceable to your club
    Standard 5 ft. assembly, including support beam
  • Fits any make or model of scraper using a 5ft. blade
  • 4 ft. blades are available

  • Blade rust protection kit
    Blade guard
    Shipping cover

    All beams are stamped with a serial number to ensure that your blade remains your blade throughout it's lifetime. It is extremely important that you never remove the blade from the beam. In doing so, you no longer have a true mating of blade and beam. It must be returned to Ice King™ to re-mate the two so that you do not have an uneven scrape.

    Blade Care:
    All blades require regular oiling to keep them looking and working like new.
    Safety Notes:
  • It is important to keep a blade guard on the blade when it is off your Ice King machine.
  • Never move a blade without a proper blade guard.

  • An Ice King Honing Kit is recommended to properly maintain your blade between sharpenings

    John Minnaar: "Cutting Technique", published February 2006, The Scottish Curling-Ice Group.

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