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IK 001 - Ice King NEO


Ice King scrapers and spare parts in stock in Europe!

The Most Advanced Scraper Available
Under new ownership since 2008, Ice King has listened to the feedback from customers and come back with the world's most advance ice scraper.


  • Digitally controlled drive system

  • Oil-less gearbox

  • Direct drive motor - Ultra quiet operation

  • Integrated battery charger - Charges in 4 hours or less

  • Military Grade Industrial Battery - 10 HOURS runtime

  • Removable Front End Stores with 60% less floor space

  • Heavy-duty Electric Linear Actuators Lift and Swing the blade

  • Maintenance
    See for yourself why the New Ice King NEO is so easy to maintain.

    Recently Asked Questions
    Q. How can the Ice King run for 10 hours with only two, relatively small batteries?
    A. Ice King no longer uses car batteries. Car batteries have the capacity for large start-up current. Ice scrapers do not need large start-up current, rather long lasting constant current. The new batteries have a large capacity for constant current, meaning longer running time and better space efficiency.
    Q. What is the mechanism to lift and turn the blade?
    A. The new Ice King NEO has an improved, stronger mechanism for this. Heavy duty electric actuators are used, which are much more reliable than those previously used.
    Q. When driving the machine for 8 hours after flooding, turning the old machine can become tiring. Has this been improved?
    A. Yes! The new Ice King NEO machine has a differential drive axel, meaning that the wheels can move independantly of each other. This means that minimum effort is required to turn the machine on and off the ice.

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday, 26. November 2009.
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