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Conditions of Use Conditions of Use

1. Common obligations
The purpose of these conditions is to define the rules which enable Suomi Sports to offer services through its online shop (later Service) and also to define the rights and obligations of both Suomi Sports (later Service provider) and its users. A service user is valid to order products if he/she is a natural person or a company presentative and over 16 years old. In case the customer does not accept all the conditions of use and the shipping conditions or if the customer does not legally have the right or the authorization to accept them, the customer cannot use the service.

2. User obligations
The user accepts these conditions without limitation or reservation.

3. Service providers obligations and limits
The service provider reserves the right to break any user relations and disable or remove the users personal account from the service, if the users actions go against the rules or limitations defined in this or any other condition statement visible in the service. The service provider will not transfer this or any other agreement that the customer has agreed to for outside parties without a prior notice.

In case of profit loss or damage to the users, the service provider is responsible for damage compensation stated in the Finlands laws and regulations. The users rights for damage compensation is limited if damage is caused by forces outside the influence of the service provider, including but not limited to nature causes (floods, etc.) or delays in third parties logistics. In such an event the service provider will inform the user within 30 days from the order confirmation and refund the user the amount paid without any interests.
The service is binded by the Finnish consumers rights law for online shopping. The customer has the right to return unused products within 14 days after receiving the products and get a full refund for the products. The service provider reserves the rights for a refund of delivery fees for orders delivered outside of Finland.
The service provider reserves the right to change the availability and price of products without prior notice.

4. Ordering
To have the right to order products from the service, the user must be atleast 16 years of age. a user under 16 years of age can order products from the service only with the approval of his/hers legal guardians. The user can order products from the service by registering an customer account and informing the service provider with the required information at the given time.

5. Payment and shipping
Products and services are subject to the prices visible in the service. Products will be delivered within EU countries. Products and services will be paid with the given options visible in the service.
The user will pay any delivery fees prior the order is shipped. the delivery fees depend on the shipments weight or size. The service provider will send an order confirmation after the order has been recieved to the email address the user has specified in his accounts details. The delivery fees will be included in the grand total shown in the services "checkout" pages final step.
The products will be delivered to the user via the given and chosen delivery options in the service. The service provider will deliver the order to the selected shipping company as soon as possible. Service provider is not liable for any delays in third party shipping delays.
For more information about the shipping policies, see the shipping info page.

6. Changing contract
The service provider can modify these conditions of use. The customer must observe these conditions of use and delivery before using the service. The customer accepts these conditions without limitation or reservation, or he must remove his account from the service by contacting the service provider.

7. Ending the contract
Both parties can resign from this contract at any given time. The resign will be effective imidiately after all parties have received the information of resigning.

8. Moving the contract
The user can not move or give this contract to any third party person or entity. the service provider will not move or give this contract to third parties without prior notice in the service.

9. Disagreements
These conditions are in accordance with the Finnish law. All disputes related to these conditions, products or services will be settled in the Helsinki district court.

Please note that this document is a translation of the Finnish version (available by switching site language to Finnish). Due to translation issues, the Finnish document is the defining one.

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